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T MAT PRO - Transition mat

‘Where’s my bike?’ No more light headed panic in transition, spot your bike much earlier, keep your space tidy and no blowing away in the wind! Soft under foot and fits all your Duathlon or Triathlon gear on it, couldn’t be easier.

  • Measures 21 x 30 inches* and fits compactly between bikes. Complies fully with BTF rules and fits well inside the 1 metre between bikes ruling.
  • Very bright colours identify your transition space. Gain those extra seconds by spotting your bike and space earlier.
  • Rolls up to fit in the side of a backpack.
  • Clean-up is a breeze. Simply wash the mat with water. Apply Shout stain remover on tough stains.
  • Minimise wrinkles by storing either flat or hanging.
  • Personalise your mat by writing your name with a permanent marker (Sharpie pen suggested) on the white strip beside the T MAT PRO logo.

*Due to the nature of neoprene material, some mats may be shorter in length or width, or thickness. Colours shown are shown to best represent the product. Actual colour may vary due to monitor and web constraints.
is a trademarked product. T MAT PRO triathlon and outdoor mats is currently pending patent.

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